Alpha Public Relations | PR agency for law firms, financial and professional services
Alpha Public Relations Limited specialises in PR and brand communications for law firms, professional services businesses and regulated financial services companies. It is based in Greater Manchester and operates throughout the UK. Its founder is the former business journalist and financial services PR specialist Stuart Anderson.
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It's your move

Control the narrative

Working with the media is the most effective way for your business to become known and understood by the widest relevant audience.

A well-planned and executed public relations strategy will enable you to build a reputation for excellence and expertise that extends far beyond your existing networks of clients and professional connections.

Nor is media relations always a matter of choice. As businesses grow, and become involved in matters of public interest, they often attract the attention of newspapers and broadcasters. Having a plan to deal with this and maintain control of the narrative means an unsolicited call from a journalist becomes an opportunity, not a crisis.

As a business you put considerable effort and investment into anticipating how competitors and clients will react to any moves you make, and to seeking out new opportunities. By working with Alpha Public Relations you can apply the same strategic focus to dealing with the media.

We understand the media, and will work with you to identify and promote stories that will benefit your business while also being of interest to journalists and their audiences.

We can also anticipate how any stories of public interest in which you are involved are likely to evolve. We will engage with journalists on your behalf, as well as preparing you for any interviews you may carry out, enabling you to remain in control and achieve your business aims.

What’s more, because Alpha Public Relations has invested in market-leading media databases, media monitoring and journalist enquiry services, you will always receive a director-led service backed up with the best systems and intelligence.

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Our values

Loyalty: we believe in our clients and do all we can to help them succeed. We hope they feel able to reciprocate.

Accuracy: we are trusted by journalists who are trusted by their readers. We owe them diligence and accurate information.

Reliability: journalists know they can rely on us for quality and to deliver on our promises, on time. The same is true for clients.

Independence: we control our own destinies. You can’t always change the hand you’re dealt but you can still play to win.

Maturity: we are adults, and are responsible and competent. So are our clients, and we will treat them as such.

Commerciality: we exist to help clients grow their businesses – and in doing so to grow our own.

Principal Consultant

Stuart Anderson is the founder of Alpha Public Relations. He has previously worked as a senior finance and business journalist, in-house marketer for a leading financial services boutique and a public relations consultant. Stuart understands and delivers on the need for compliance in regulated sectors, journalists’ need for newsworthy stories and clients’ need for a commercial return. He is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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