Alpha Public Relations | Alpha Public Relations' services and client proposition
Alpha Public Relations works with ambitious legal, professional and financial services businesses that want to establish or enhance their reputations for expertise and excellence. It does this by establishing a communications strategy that it implements via a range of media channels.
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How we do it

Alpha Public Relations establishes, implements and manages communications strategies for ambitious professional and financial services businesses, enabling them to make themselves heard in crowded, competitive marketplaces. The result is increased brand recognition, a stronger reputation for expertise and excellence, and more of the business you really want. Please read on to discover more or, to discuss your needs in detail, call us today on 0161 791 0811.

How it works, and who can benefit

When you retain Alpha as your public relations agency you pay a regular monthly fee in return for an agreed service level. Alpha acts as your contact for, and representative with, the media and builds long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between you and your most important media outlets.

Our services are generally suitable for clients who are able to generate a strong, regular flow of news stories or features. They also work well in sectors where the external environment provides regular opportunities for your spokespeople to comment on industry developments.

All businesses can benefit from public relations but we understand that not all are yet large enough to justify retaining a PR agency on a monthly basis. For these firms we offer a consultancy proposition that will transform your existing marketing manager or executive into an in-house public relations department. Call us for more information.

Although Alpha does not usually undertake one-off projects, these can sometimes be appropriate when, for example, a law firm is involved in a matter that is of public interest. If you believe this applies to you then please get in touch for an exploratory, confidential discussion.

Alpha Public Relations’ principal consultant, Stuart Anderson, is also able to work with other PR agencies in instances where his expertise in professional and financial services can complement or augment their teams’ capabilities.

Take the first step today by sending us an email or calling us on 0161 791 0811.

Media relations

Alpha Public Relations specialises in media relations. We like, of course, to work closely with the managers of your other marketing channels to maintain a consistent strategy, and ensure we are all pulling in the same direction and amplifying rather than diluting each others’ activities.

A positive mention in the press is the equivalent of a mass word-of-mouth recommendation. You have to earn your right to appear there, and Alpha will help you do so on a regular basis.

At a practical level Alpha achieves this by developing and implementing a comprehensive PR and communications strategy tied into your marketing plan and objectives. The tools we deploy include:

  • News announcements (press releases).
  • Media comments and interviews on issues of relevance to your business.
  • Securing commissions for and writing feature articles that showcase your expertise.
  • Securing profile interviews with your key staff.
  • Preparing statements and coaching spokespeople to respond to matters of public interest.

Additionally, all clients benefit from the press office service which handles incoming journalist enquiries and monitors print and online coverage of your brand.

To find out more please send an email today or call us on 0161 791 0811.

Litigation communications

Many aspects of commercial litigation are confidential and, for understandable reasons, your clients will often not want any publicity surrounding their matters. However, many litigation practices and counsel will from time-to-time be involved in matters that are either already of public interest, or where the best interests of clients would be served by gaining publicity (for instance by publicising the vindication of an individual or business that had previously suffered reputational damage).

Your clients’ interests always come first, but if these are best met by engaging with the press then the corresponding boost to your own practice’s reputation and profile can be a welcome by-product.

Communicating the results of litigation is not, however, as straightforward as many aspects of business-to-business PR. The risk of defamation is ever-present, and dealing with the national news media, as opposed to business correspondents, can be a bracing experience.

The potential benefits of such engagement are, however, very great – a listing in the Legal 500 is brilliant, but appearing in the news section of a national paper gets you known by people who didn’t even realise they needed your help until they read about the case in question.

Alpha will help you understand the different directions in which your story could develop, and how to maintain control so that coverage remains “on-message”.

To find out more contact Alpha Public Relations today. All matters will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Regulated financial services

We understand how to generate material for publication, and for distribution to the press, that is engaging, stimulating, promotes your interests and keeps you in the FCA’s good books.

We can’t take away your ultimate responsibility for compliance but we can make it easy for you to exercise.

Of course, none of this is easy – it takes years to work out how to avoid compliance triggers while writing something that doesn’t sound laboured and actually conveys a commercial message.

This isn’t about sailing close to the wind. It’s about understanding the spirit of the FCA guidance and applying its letter in a way that benefits your business while always keeping customers’ best interests at heart.

Alpha Public Relations can call upon well over a decade’s experience in financial services PR and journalism, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

Email Alpha Public Relations today or call us on 0161 791 0811 to find out how that experience can help you communicate your messages via the media and establish the reputation you deserve.

Turn your marketing manager into a PR department

Virtually all business can benefit from public relations. However, some are not yet large enough to generate enough news to justify a monthly PR agency retainer.

For these businesses Alpha Public Relations provides a consultancy offering that will, for a one-off investment, enable your existing marketing manager or executive to add a powerful new string to their bow and establish an in-house PR function.

Your bespoke consultancy programme will include the following elements, tailored to your needs, sector and experience:

  • Understanding the media and the news agenda.
  • Identifying your key media and journalists.
  • How to work with journalists.
  • Building your media database.
  • Different types of coverage: news, features and profiles.
  • Identifying news in your organisation.
  • Pinpointing your expertise.
  • Identifying your key spokespeople.
  • How to write a press release.
  • How to write features.
  • Identifying opportunities to appear in the press.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.
  • Handling a crisis.

To discover more and discuss your requirements in detail please send us an email today or call us on 0161 791 0811.