Alpha Public Relations | Alpha Public Relations' services and client proposition
Alpha Public Relations works with ambitious professional and financial services businesses that want to establish or enhance their reputations for expertise and excellence. It does this by establishing a communications strategy that it implements via a range of media channels.
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Make some noise

Alpha Public Relations establishes, implements and manages communications strategies for ambitious professional and financial services businesses, enabling them to make themselves heard in crowded, competitive marketplaces. The result is increased brand recognition, a stronger reputation for expertise and excellence, and more of the business you really want. Please read on to discover more or, to discuss your needs in detail, call us today on 0161 791 0811.

How it works, and who can benefit

When you retain Alpha as your public relations agency you pay a regular monthly fee in return for an agreed service level. Alpha acts as your contact for, and representative with, the media and builds long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between you and your most important media outlets.

Our services are generally suitable for clients who are able to generate a strong, regular flow of news stories or features. They can also work well in sectors where the external environment provides many opportunities for your spokespeople to comment on industry developments.

As well as media relations, retained clients are able to benefit from a range of services including strategic marketing planning, email newsletters and social media consultancy and management.

All businesses can benefit from public relations but we understand that not all are yet large enough to justify retaining a PR agency on a monthly basis. For these firms we offer what we believe to be a unique consultancy proposition that will transform your existing marketing manager or executive into an in-house public relations department. Call us for more information.

Take the first step toward super-charging your brand awareness by sending us an email today or call us on 0161 791 0811.

Core service

Media relations is the bedrock of the public relations strategies we develop for clients. Alpha can also help you manage your “owned” channels, including your website, customer newsletters and social media, but it is by establishing your profile in the press that you will achieve not just recognition but a reputation.

A positive mention in the press is the equivalent of a mass word-of-mouth recommendation. You have to earn your right to appear there, and Alpha will help you do so on a regular basis, boosting your brand among those who already know you and those who don’t yet.

At a practical level Alpha achieves this by developing and implementing a comprehensive PR and communications strategy tied into your marketing plan and objectives. The tools we deploy include:

  • News announcements (press releases).
  • Media comments and interviews on issues of relevance to your business.
  • Securing commissions for and writing feature articles that showcase your expertise.
  • Securing profile interviews with your key staff.

Additionally, all clients benefit from the press office service described in the section below, which can also be offered on a standalone basis.

To find out more please send an email today or call us on 0161 791 0811.

Turn your marketing manager into a PR department

Virtually all business can benefit from public relations. However, some are not yet large enough to generate enough news to justify a monthly PR agency retainer.

For these businesses Alpha Public Relations can provide what we believe to be unique consultancy offering that will, for a one-off investment, enable your existing marketing manager or executive to add a powerful new string to their bow and establish an in-house PR function.

Your bespoke consultancy programme will include the following elements, tailored to your needs, sector and experience:

  • Understanding the media and the news agenda.
  • Identifying your key media and journalists.
  • How to work with journalists.
  • Building your media database.
  • Different types of coverage: news, features and profiles.
  • Identifying news in your organisation.
  • Pinpointing your expertise.
  • Identifying your key spokespeople.
  • How to write a press release.
  • How to write features.
  • Identifying opportunities to appear in the press.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.
  • Handling a crisis.

To discover more and discuss your requirements in detail please send us an email today or call us on 0161 791 0811.

Social media, client newsletters and websites

Alpha’s core service is media relations: building long-term relationships with the press that amplify your message to the widest possible audience.

Social media is also, however, a vital component of businesses’ communications plans and should be carried out in accordance with your overall PR strategy. Alpha works with associates who are experts in the timing and construction of posts to ensure your social media activity is as productive as possible while also reflecting your brand tone of voice and supporting your marketing and PR plan.

Alpha can also help with the design, writing and distribution of email newsletters to get your messages straight into the inboxes of clients and business associates.

Raising your profile and creating a stream of potential leads is great but what happens when these new prospects check out your website? Does it do justice to your professionalism, expertise and fantastic client experience?

Alpha offers access to fixed-price website packages that include design (including rebranding, if required), copywriting and project management. We will also deal with your existing providers and web hosts to ensure a seamless transition.

We will provide training in how to update your new site, with 12 months’ support included. If required we can also provide low-cost annual maintenance packages.

Alternatively, we are also able to provide access to an innovative subscription-based website design and management service. This minimises up-front costs and ensures your website always looks fresh and up-to-the-minute.

To discover more please send us an email today or call us on 0161 791 0811.